"building man to build a godly model nation"

                                                                                                 REFORMATION MINISTRIES & CHURCHES NETWORK PNG INC.


                                      RMCN EDUCATION AGENCY



The preamble only gives a brief overview of the concepts, the underlining thoughts and the aspirations of RMCN Ministry in relation to Education in the country. It is gives the reasons why we decided to talk to Enga Provincial Government and then the National Government to recognize us as one of the Education Agencies just like any other church organization in the country.

We have requested the Enga Provincial Government and the National Government through its agencies to recognize us as an Education Agency based on our desire which was driven by our conviction of duty to our nation, with a clear vision to transform PNG by addressing the complex issues confronting our leaders and society from its roots cause - the individual. We are thankful to the Enga Provincial Government and the National Government of PNG for not only granting us the recognition but also at the same time given us eighteen (18) schools to look after, most of them are elementary schools which we have established it ourselves over the years.


We want to establish a Value Based education system which will become an alternative educational model for the nation. Today’s education system in the country is giving knowledge and skills to people who already have internal problems in their value and belief systems. The knowledge and skills people gain in schools are used to advance the problems they have internally. They are creating more problems with the knowledge and skills than solving the problem so the knowledge they gain is really like the icing on a cake. We believe that if the operational dynamics and the value systems of the individual person are changed or configured properly, that change will be reflected in the way he/she handles life externally. A good person on the inside will do good on the outside (physically), therefore we will have a good society or nation. This cannot be achieved overnight but if we plan ahead and pursue wholeheartedly, we can achieve in due season. To do this we need gifted men and women of God who are sanctioned and mandated by heaven to produce this outcome.


The education system we have today has brought us this far but this value based education will take us far and wide as a nation. This educational model will be the solution to all the problems of this nation. We are saying this is because, the education system in the country today has never fixed the problem in the man but is giving knowledge to the problematic man so that the man continues to create more problems with the knowledge he gains through the education system. If we are wise enough, we would solve the problem in the man so that the knowledge gained through the education system can be a solution to the problems in society. The reality is, problem in society, whether it be in government, church, family, business or in the environment is a clear reflection of a problematic human being. Therefore, our education system is geared towards fixing the man and then equip him with the necessary skills and tools to create solutions to problems in life.


Where there is a problem, there is always a solution to the problem. Problems are created by man; they don’t just exist. If man can create a problem, then man can also fix that problem. The truth is this; you fix the man and you fix the problem in society. That is the driving force behind the RMCN Education Agency. We want our schools to be solution creators for the nation. Our aim is to create an Education System that eradicates or uproots the problem in the man and then equip the man with the needed knowledge and skills to become a solution creator in society.


We applied for recognition by the government as an Education Agency provider according to the laws of the land because we know we can provide an alternative homegrown education model that is tailored towards providing solutions to the ongoing problems in society. When the problem in man is fixed, the problem in society is fixed, so the end result of a good education system is a good, peaceful and prosperous society for everyone to live and enjoy.


We see that education is the key to National Progress and development. We need to clearly see the kind of nation we want in the future and then develop an Education System that will produce the right kind of man and woman that will build that future. Educating people without a clear future in the mind (vision) is like a blind man leading a group of potential young men and women to nowhere. Because the blind man is going nowhere, the young generation is going to go nowhere. Whatever knowledge the blind man is giving them is simply for self-destruction. The current education system in PNG is generally built around self for self-promotion therefore has resulted in self-destruction. The Education System in PNG lacks foresight and visionary leadership. The Governments for over 37 years have not clearly stipulated what kind of educated people they need to produce the kind of nation they want. They have given the most important task to foreign consultants to set a vision and develop a curriculum for the nation so we have operated on borrowed visions from outsiders. This is sheer foolishness on the part of responsible governments. How can you tell a foreigner to come and train your children because you think that your job is to produce children only (child producing machine) and the foreigners job is train the child in the way they should go in their life? No, that should not be the case! We as the nation’s leaders should set the vision for the kind of nation we want and then ask the foreigners and others to come and help us achieve the course we have set for our ensuing generations.


The scripture says, train a child in the way he should go so when he grows up he will never depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). This simply means that Education (training) is key to the future of the child and the future of the child determines the future of the society or nation where the child will fit into. The training or the Education System supposed to create the tracks of the train (child) on which the child should travel to come to the future the leaders have seen for the nation. Education of our children cannot come on an ad hoc basis; the school system must be designed to reach a specific end. The sort of nation we want to be in 50 years’ time must be built into an Education system that will train up the individual child for that purpose. We cannot leave the Education system of the nation to chance but it must be purposefully and intricately designed to bring about an expected end result.


Unless we strategically, systematically and intellectually address our problems of law and order, poor governance, regional and ethnic tendencies and attitudinal issues in PNG, we believe the nation is dying a slow death. The RMCN has already introduced relevant value based programs to transform the individual person with a great deal of success. However, we know that just changing and developing the dynamics and values inside the person alone will not achieve our final objectives, therefore the need for logical, reasoned, intellectual and a holistic approach to problem solving is a must. Hence, our proposal to the Provincial and National Governments to become an Education Agency is to positively develop a value based Education model that will contribute greatly to the development of a great nation where all of us can enjoy living in it.


The Education System we create will provide lifelong education tailored to produce not just quality, marketable graduates but useful and responsible citizens who will take ownership of our country. PNG needs change agents and movers in society because in the 37 odd years, our ideas, plans and actions have misfired, and along with these the fruits of the billions of kina earned through our rich resources have nothing to show for in terms of real development. No one seems to accept the blame more than law and order, crime or poor governance. Therefore, in reality, PNG has gone nowhere so to speak and we are back where we were before independence, perhaps worse in terms of the disintegration and systematic corruption of this once value based society.


The lessons today are the stark reminder that we will lose our children’s future if we do not take decisive action at this hour of need. RMCN is committed to do part (if not all) to re-claim PNG from non-performers but this is a country where new ideas and concepts are not easily embraced due to people having entrenched views. However, the situation calls for a new approach, new thinking and new people to take charge. With these we sought the Provincial and National Government to recognize us as Education Agency of which they did promptly. Now, the onus is on us, our Educators, Parents, Church Leaders, Political Leaders and the Church community at large to develop a Value Based Education Master Plan that will create the track for the ensuing generation to reach their maximum capacity for the betterment our nation and its people.


RMCN Education Agency schools/institutions will do just that - creating solutions. We have been graced by heaven to create a new Education System for our children and for our nation. We cannot wait for the political leaders to give us the tomorrow we want for our children and our nation. We were created leaders to lead and to have dominion. A fish doesn’t have to go to a swimming school to learn to swim. It will just swim given the right environment called water. When we are connected to God which is our environment, we will know what to do. We can create the best Education System that is relevant, innovative, creative, powerful and one that allows the full potential of the person to be maximized for the betterment of this nation and its people.