"building man to build a godly model nation"

                                                                                                 REFORMATION MINISTRIES & CHURCHES NETWORK PNG INC.


Dr Dian Warep, Dip.Ed. (UOG); B.Ed. (UPNG); D.D (Hon) USA

 Dr Dian Warep is a visionary leader whom the Lord has called to spearhead a national transformation movement that is radically opposed to corruption and unconditionally committed to reformation in all sectors of Papua New Guinea according to a heavenly blueprint which the Lord has revealed to him from 2002 to 2006. The blueprint was revealed to him after the Lord called him to quit the teaching profession to serve him full time.

He resigned from the Teaching Service Commission in 1996 to pursue the call of God on his life. He decided to move to live in a war torn, a totally devastated and rejected place called Tsak Valley in the Enga Province of PNG. It was from this place; God began to work in his life and gave him the revelation/blueprint to build a godly model nation. In August,2002, God came to him and gave him the word, “Redesign the nation”. In other words, the Lord told him to build a nation according to the pattern he will show him and his glory will fill this land of PNG as the waters cover the sea”. Based upon this mandate from heaven, a blue print was developed that is taught at his school called Nations Leadership Training Institute (NLTI) which he had established to teach people of nations the vision and show them how this vision can be made a reality through corporate team work. He has plans in place to upgraded the school to cater for student s who will earn up to a Doctors degree that will be recognized around the world because of the school’s affiliation to Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute in Canada and Vision University International based in USA.

He was born into a Christian family where he was raised up with strong Christian values and principles passed onto him by his parents which he has not departed from them but continue the legacy even in his ministry today.

He received his Diploma in Secondary Teaching in 1988 from University of Goroka and his Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 1994 from the University of PNG. In 2007 he was recognized by Christian International led by Dr Bill Hamon, (the Bishop over 600 International Ministries in USA and over 4000 churches and ministries worldwide based in Florida, USA) as an apostle in PNG and ordained him. Later in May 2013,  Dr Dian Warep was given an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Divinity from Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute of Canada in recognition of faithful and outstanding service in the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ and to the vision he has for the equipping of the saints and for the advancing of the Kingdom of God in the nation.

He founded Reformation Ministries & Churches Network (RMCN  PNG INC) in August 2004 to become a vehicle that will mobilize all churches, communities and individual leaders to drive the vision to reality. In only 11 years, the ministry has rapidly spread across the nation impacting and influencing people of all works of life. Currently it has 230 governing churches established in 18 provinces; over 40 educational institutions established in 4 provinces which come under RMCN Education Agency and has created several companies to finance the vision of the ministry.

He is also the Founding Senior Pastor of Nations Reformation Centre in Tsak Valley, Enga Province which has become the apostolic base for RMCN PNG INC. As part of his bigger vision to build a godly model nation, he also has a vision to build a city in Tsak Valley which will become a model community for national and global transformation.

Dr Dian Warep has written several teaching manuals which are used at the Nations Leadership Training Institute (NLTI) and are distributed widely within his network of churches and ministries as well as to the general public. He conducts Reformation conferences across the nation within his own network as well as in other Pentecostal and mainline churches in PNG. His messages primary focus is to transform man to transform PNG to become a godly model nation to impact and influence the world with righteousness.

Dr Dian and Ps Solita Warep his wife of 18 years, have four lovely children who live in Tsak Valley, at their apostolic base, which is the home of RMCN PNG INC.