"building man to build a godly model nation"

                                                                                                 REFORMATION MINISTRIES & CHURCHES NETWORK PNG INC.

                             RMCN AGENCY INSTITUTION PLEDGE

We The Sons And Daughters Of God In RMCN Schools In Papua New Guinea, Commit Ourselves To Build A Godly Model Nation That Is Free From All Forms Of Corruption. We Pledge To Build A Nation Where The Glory Of God Will Fill All Sectors Of The Family, Religion, Education, Government, Business, Media, Arts And Entertainment. It Is Our Dream That One Day, The Righteous Sons And Daughters Of God Will Take Over All The Sectors Of Papua New Guinea. We Pledge Ourselves To Be A United New Breed Without Greed, A Radical Team That Is Opposed To Corruption And Unconditionally Committed To Reformation In All Sectors Of Papua New Guinea. We Have Been Bought By The Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ, Therefore We And Our Nation Is Not For Sale. We Will Fight Our Enemies With The Spiritual Weapons Of Warfare God Has Given Us Until We Win, For The Glory Of God Our Father, Savior Jesus Christ And The Wonderful Holy Spirit Who Rules And Reigns Forever. God Bless Papua New Guinea. AMEN.    


                                              RMCN EDUCATION AGENCY SECRETARIAT

 This is the Education Arm of RMCN which is responsible for pioneering, establishing and promoting value based education which will become an alternative educational model for the nation. It will consist of key players such as the Educational Advisory Committee, Educational Planners, and Curriculum writers etc…who will be formulating the new Education Master Plan for the agency in accordance with the preamble as outlined above and in line with the laws of the Independent State of PNG that governs Education system in particular.


                                               RMCN EDUCATION AGENCY SECRETARY

 Now that we are recognized as Education Agency provider, we will have to move swiftly to find or employ a qualified person on full time basis to drive this vision of pioneering and establishing a new Education System for PNG through RMCN. The person we are looking for should possess the following to drive the vision into reality;

          a) This person should be well qualified and is well vested with education matters and has a wide range of experiences both in the current education system, including curriculum, the education act and the overall education system of the country etc…

          b)  This person must have been to the SOR at NLTI and should recognize the calling of God on his/her life to pursue this vision wholeheartedly. Where there is calling of God on the person’s life, that person will have the passion and the grace of God to fulfill that call against all odds/opposition.

          c) The job will require undivided sacrifice and commitment. It is a call to pioneer so there is no regular pay or perks and privileges that come with this appointment. It is really a call to sacrifice for the good of the nation and its people.

          d)  This person will be responsible to develop a value based curriculum based on the SOR and SMT manuals for the RMCN Education System. That means we will have a curriculum for Kindergarten, Preps and Grade 1-12 and unto University. A value based Education simply means developing a stronger men and women of values and principles in their spirit first before the knowledge and skill development.

          e)  She/he will be the key person that establishes a good working relationship with the Provincial Education Board and the National Education Board to ensure that there is collaboration, understanding and due compliance with existing process and procedures in place within the National Education System to set up some model institutions in Tsak Valley. The following institutions will be established in Tsak Valley, Enga Province;

          i)  A boarding and day Secondary School

          ii)  A boarding institution for Grade 8,10 & 12 Dropouts to pursue their Education. Giving them a second and third chance.

          iii)  University Centre with boarding students and develop that into a full pledged University of RMCN.

          iv)  Amalgamating NLTI with a Teachers College like the Nazarene Teachers College in Kudjip. First register NLTI with the

                Training Council and then do the Amalgamation.

          v)  Set up A Technical College.

          f)  She/he will make submissions to the Provincial and National Government through the Church Government Partnership program or through the Private State Partnership Program or to Aid Donor Agencies to secure funding to establish these institutions in the Tsak Valley and other institutions in the Enga Province and in PNG.

          g)  She/he will visit the 18 schools currently owned by RMCN Agency to ensure that all of them are running according to established procedures and patterns of the government and the Church Agency. She or he shall speak to the Teachers, Students, BOM and the communities at large the expectations of the Agency and what is required of them to ensure the smooth running of those institutions.

          h)  Represent RMCN and the Agency schools in the PEB as well as the PEB Appointment Committee to present the views and decisions of the church in respect to the Agency run institutions and other matters that may eventuate from time to time for their consultation and decision.

          i)  She/he will campaign and endeavor to recruit the best teachers to teach in RMCN Agency schools and also select the best behaved and academic student to attend our schools.

          j)  This person will do all that and much more work that may be delegated from time to time by the National Governing Elders (NGE) and the RMCN National Council of RMCN PNG INC.